Introduction: an international stepping stone path

An international stepping stones path gives an overview of all the international learning opportunities that are present within a specific programme. These international learning opportunities start off rather small and get bigger and more intense throughout the programme. The following international learning opportunities can be present and will be further elaborated below:

  • Internationalization@Home
  • Short term mobility
  • Internships abroad
  • Incoming or outgoing Erasmus exchange
  • Joint and double degree programmes
  • Study abroad after your studies at UGent

More information on the stepping stone path in each of our programmes:


Internationalization@home (or I@H) refers to international and/or intercultural learning experiences within the courses that students follow at the home university. Some examples of these learning experiences are:

  • Including the international or intercultural context of a specific discipline;
  • Having international guest speakers;
  • Group assignments in internationally or interculturally composed teams;
  • Language courses which also cover cultural aspects of the language/countries where they speak the language;
  • Etc.

Short term mobility

A short term mobility can be a study visit, a blended intensive programme or a summer school.

Internships abroad

Some programmes at our faculty include a mandatory internship: Bachelor in Public Administration and Master in Business Administration. Other programmes offer students the possibility to follow an optional internship and include it in their programme as an elective. Students can choose between an internship in Belgium or abroad.

Outgoing exchange: Study abroad (Erasmus and non-Erasmus)

You are a registered degree student at this faculty and you are interested in studying abroad during your studies at UGent (f.e. Erasmus+)

Incoming exchange: Study at UGent (Erasmus and non-Erasmus)

Interested to come to UGent as an exchange student?

You are a student registered at one of our partner universities and you are interested to study at the Ghent University Faculty of Econ. and Bus. Administration.

Registered at UGent as an exchange students

Your application as incoming exchange student has already been approved.

Joint and double degree programmes

During a regular exchange programme students receive a transcript of records, but not a degree from the host university. In a double degree programme students receive a degree of both the home and the host university. The faculty currently offers the following double degree programmes:

A joint degree is jointly organized between different universities and one degree is awarded upon successfully completing the programme.

Study abroad after your studies at UGent

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