Summer and winter schools

During summer it is possible to participate in a Summer/Winter School. This can be on a voluntary basis (not included in your curriculum), but it can also be accepted as an elective course provided that certain requirements are met.

You can propose a Summer School yourself. An overview of potential summer schools of can be found on this page. However, this does not mean that this Summer School will be accepted as an elective course automatically.

If you wish to have your Summer School accepted as an elective course, you can read the requirements in the Summer Schools regulations.

Bachelor Master
EW/Economics possible possible
TEW/Business economics possible possible
HIR/Business engineering not possible possible
HW possible not possible
BPM possible possible

After reading the guidelines, you can contact the curriculum committee via to find out if a particular summer school can replace an elective course in your curriculum.

List of potential summerschools in Europe

List of potential summerschools outside Europe