Paul Gemmel takes over from Patrick Van Kenhove as FEB dean

(23-10-2023) On Oct. 1, 2023, Prof. Patrick Van Kenhove confidently passed the torch to Prof. Paul Gemmel as FEB dean.

Paul Gemmel

Paul Gemmel graduated from our faculty in 1988 with a degree in Economic Sciences (business economics). He then received his PhD in Applied Economics in 1995. He has since become a professor specializing in service management, more specifically in the health care sector.

Paul Gemmel: "The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is a service organization in which a lot of people participate, both students and employees. It is therefore important in the coming years to create an environment in which the well-being of staff and students is central. In that context, I believe it is important as a faculty to make strategic choices within the framework of Ghent University. This means daring to set priorities in what we do and what we do not do. Moreover, as a faculty we need to generate sufficient financial resources to continue to deliver quality work in our core tasks, namely teaching and research. This also means that we need to seek more rapprochement with partners in business and government, both nationally and internationally. We as a faculty have a lot to offer socially to these partners, but we do not make it known sufficiently. In terms of well-being, it is also important that we create a good physical working environment (office space, social space, classrooms, etc.) both in the short and long term. Finally, I would particularly like to thank Patrick for inspiring me as dean. With his foresight, he has already planted many seeds that we will now continue to let blossom."

Patrick Van Kenhove: "I have known Paul for many years as a very capable, rational and pragmatic person and I know that the faculty is in good hands with him. I will always have a warm heart for my faculty, and they may see me here regularly in the future. I can look back with pride on fond memories and non-evident accomplishments that in retrospect proved more than worthwhile. Many of these milestones were impossible without the efforts of all FEB staff. I wish the brand new FEB dean Paul Gemmel every success with his assignment in the years to come."