Environmental Economics

Research topics

Research on environmental economics has developed inside The Centre for Environmental Economics and Environmental Management (CEEM). Since 1995, CEEM studies the integration of environment protection and natural resources in economic analysis and management practices.

CEEM wants to provide sound economic analyses to improve our understanding of environmental issues. At CEEM, we believe that the appropriate use of economic instruments and market forces can foster the greening of business and the needed transition to a low-impact and sustainable society.

CEEM opts for a multidimensional approach. In our economic analysis of environmental issues, we integrate technological assessments, law & economics, institutional dynamics as well as economics of innovation.

In the last decade, the research focus gradually shifted to energy and climate economics; economics of climate policy, the energy transition & energy markets (with a focus on electricity markets).


  • Johan Albrecht
  • Brent Bleys
    Brent Bleys is an expert in the field of alternative measures of societal progress and Beyond GDP economics.