Within the functional field of Accountancy, you are trained to start a career as preparer, auditor, or user of accounting information. You will learn how to prepare the annual report, in line with the International Financal Reporting Standards, which aims to inform investors, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the government and other stakeholders about the organisation's performance. Based on (international) auditing standards, you will learn how to check the reliability of (i.e. to audit) these financial statements. The organisation's internal accounting system, as part of the information system, produces important accounting information (budgets, product costs, etc.). Managers use this information to make business decisions as well as to measure managerial performance which influences their behaviour. Management control will teach you how to deal with these different purposes of accounting information. The course programme also covers research methods within the field of accountancy with attention for imporant academic research questions that are also relevant for practice. Several courses use problem-based methodology in which students analyse and work out specific case studies in small groups.

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Courses related to this subject

Students are required to follow all courses from the list mentioned below.

More information (content, teaching methods, etc.) can be found in the course specifications.

  1. Audit
  2. Management Control
  3. International Financial Reporting Standards
  4. Research Methods in Accounting
  5. Consolidation
  6. International Standards on Auditing
  7. Accounting in Practice

Why choose Accountancy

Listen to our international alumni

"My accounting course completely met my expectations. It was demanding as I expected it was going to be and it gave me a lot of new knowledge. For example I learned international financial accounting standards which was not taught to me before and it was quite interesting. In Ghent University I received not only the theory, it was mainly interactive study with many group works. I really like the modular system because I find it more effective than if I would have an exam session in January for example." Ieva Balcere from Latvia

3 reasons to choose Accountancy

  1. Our talented and very approachable staff
  2. Focus on national as well as international perspective of accounting
  3. The combination of problem-based learning and the modular structure
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