Corporate Finance


In the Corporate Finance specialisation, we develop your understanding of the core financial dimensions of a company and prepare you to become a specialist in financial management. The specialisation will provide you with a detailed understanding of financial statements and how to use them for financial decision-making. We will develop your ability to value companies and manage financial risks. The specialisation will dive deeper into advanced corporate finance topics, such as financial modelling, banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, and address more recent developments, including crowdfunding, green finance, and FinTech. The specialization not only covers established companies but also the financing of entrepreneurial ventures; how do professional investors (such as venture capitalists) screen new ventures, how do they value ventures, and how are “term sheets” negotiated? Throughout the courses, you will have numerous opportunities to analyse important case studies in small groups. A corporate finance in practice course will further prepare you for a job in corporate finance and bring you into contact with finance professionals. The specialisation also covers research methods within the field of corporate finance. The research methods toolbox will allow you to develop answers to new problems, which also have important implications for practice and policy-making. A dedicated team of professors and support staff, with teaching and practical experience in national and international business schools, policy-making institutions and/or businesses, will guide you.

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All courses in the Master of Science in Business Economics are organised by professors who are eager to share their knowledge with you! Want to find out more? Check out their (international) publications!

Courses related to this main subject

Students are required to follow all courses from the list mentioned below.

More information (content, teaching methods, etc.) can be found in the course specifications.

  1. Research Methods in Corporate Finance
  2. Valuation and Financial Risk Management
  3. Advanced Corporate Finance
  4. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
  5. Cases in Corporate Finance
  6. Corporate Finance in Practice

Why choose Corporate Finance

Listen to our international alumni

Studying Business Economics - corporate finance here was really challenging. It is not a joke. You have to work for your grades, but you will not regret it. The quality of the education exceeded my expectations, I feel like I learned a lot. The modular approach also kept me on top, it kept me working." Julie Owiti from Kenia

3 reasons to choose Corporate Finance

  1. Our talented and very approachable staff
  2. Focus on management of assets and liabilities 
  3. The combination of problem-based learning and the modular structure
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