Effective Marketing is key to the success of every organisation, especially in today’s social media driven, consumer-centered business environment. When diving into the functional field of marketing, you will be given the opportunity to develop and sharpen your marketing skills, such as learning to understand consumers’ decision making, identifying and meeting target markets’ needs based on adequate market research techniques, developing bold strategic marketing programmes and corresponding (digital) marketing communications. As the majority of commercial processes relate to transactions between organisations, not only business-to-consumer, but also business-to-business marketing is studied. Several courses use a problem-based methodology in which students analyse and work out specific case studies in small groups.

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Courses related to this subject

Students are required to follow all courses from the list mentioned below.

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  1. Consumer Behaviour
  2. Market Research Methods
  3. Business and International Marketing
  4. Marketing Communication
  5. Business Development and Strategic Selling
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Marketing in Practice

Why choose marketing

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"The professors really taught us the really fundamental things in marketing. Ofcourse every student knows marketing because we are following a master programme in marketing. But no one really can tell the origin of where the word marketing comes from and the development of the definition of the word marketing. I think it was very cool because digital marketing was something really new. When I look at a lot of programmes in Europe at master level they don’t actually offer this course so throughly. Tthe lecture gives us full view of what digital marketing looks like and we also learned techniques in how to analyse digital data." Youshuo Yan from China

3 reasons to choose Marketing

  1. Our talented and very approachable staff
  2. Full view on the future of marketing and the newest techniques
  3. The combination of problem-based learning and the modular structure
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