Major Financial Institutions and Markets


The major Financial institutions and Markets aims at students who aspire a job in the financial sector. You study the different financial assets and their risk-return characteristics from the perspective of the institutional investor. Good investment decisions require knowledge of the most important financial markets (stocks, bonds, corporate securities, exchange rates, commodities, emerging markets) and the evolution of economic variables such as government budget, interest rates and inflation. In addition, you will explore the main issues and the complex interactions in the management of banks and identify important trends within the changing regulatory environment of banks. In doing so, you will study all aspects that a central bank is faced with when conducting its monetary policy, in particular the ECB.

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  1. Economics of Banking
  2. Economics of Financial Markets
  3. Investment Analysis
  4. Institutional Economics
  5. Monetary Policy

Why choose the major Financial Institutions and Markets?


Yael Elizabeth Negrete Santos

  • from Ecuador
  • choose the major Financial Institutions and Markets
  • "The first master I followed was in Economics with a major in Financial Institutions and Markets and after that I decided to get even more expertise in the Financial sector, so I followed the subsequent master in Banking and Finance. I could say that in the Master in Economics I had a better understanding of what I learned before. It all made sense. The theoretical part was very challenging. I did not expect at the beginning that it would be so hard. You have to study here every day! But I am so grateful for all that I learned and all the experiences that I had here. The professors were so polite and approachable: they really cared about our knowledge."
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