Professor Michael Ruzhansky (Ghent University) will lead an ADVANCE Research Grant-funded research project in mathematical analysis with Armenian collaborators


Michael RuzhanskyProfessor Michael Ruzhansky (Ghent University) will lead a new project in mathematical analysis as the principal investigator of a remote research lab hosted by Yerevan State University. This project has been made possible through an ADVANCE research grant, financed by the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology.

The ADVANCE Research Grants set ground for development of scientific directions in STEM-related fields in Armenia. This pioneering platform invites distinguished scientists from all around the world to lead new teams comprised of ambitious Armenian researchers. The ADVANCE initiative, of which Professor Ruzhansky's project is one of ten currently under way, aims to promote interdisciplinary connections and knowledge exchange among various research groups.

To learn more about this specific project titled 'Partial Differential Equations with Singularities,' please click here.