13-10-2023 Eureast Platform Short-term Fellowship Programme: call for applications is now open: DEADLINE EXTENDED to 27 November 2023!
02-10-2023 Eureast Platform's Visiting Fellow Mykola Ryabchuk shares Insights from his Research Stay at Ghent University
04-09-2023 Ghent Analysis and PDE Center Secures Second Grant for Remote Lab in Armenia
15-06-2023 Conference ‘EU Sanctions against Russia: Impact and Implementation Challenges’
09-06-2023 Professor Michael Ruzhansky (Ghent University) will lead an ADVANCE Research Grant-funded research project in mathematical analysis with Armenian collaborators
08-06-2023 Visiting Fellow from Ukraine Explores Partnership University Governance at Ghent University
24-04-2023 Ghent University’s ACADEMY4UA: Launch of an online course to enhance Ukrainian Scholars' expertise in EU law and policy
09-03-2023 19 April 2023: A Conversation with Valery Kavaleuski, Deputy Head at the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus; Representative for Foreign Affairs, Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya
07-02-2023 Russia's Necropolitical Sovereignty: from Border Transgressions to War
20-01-2023 Scientific news: Top publication on experimental therapy for glioblastoma by prof. dr. Dmitri Krysko and Eureast Platform visiting fellows Victoria Turubanova and Mariia Saviuk
21-12-2022 Open for registration: Academy4UA on EU Law and Policy
23-11-2022 Visiting fellow dr. Ekaterina Borisova shares her experiences about her research stay at Ghent University.
22-11-2022 Prof. dr. Yushin, visiting fellow of the Eureast Platform about his research stay: ‘We did an unexpected amount of work’.
21-11-2022 Catching the end, convergence or the beginning of (a) world(s)? The visualization of early-twentieth century Central Asia through postcards of Tashkent and its surroundings.
17-10-2022 28 – 29 November: Research Workshop: ‘Russia's Wars: Power and Agency in Times of Crises and Exceptions’
16-10-2022 16 november: Research seminar: ‘Modalities of Neoliberal Authoritarianism in Georgia’
13-10-2022 New call: Short-term Fellowship Programme for Ukrainian Scholars at Riks
12-10-2022 Call for Eureast Platform’s Knowledge Centres
10-10-2022 Watch the lecture by the Ambassador of Latvia in Belgium: “Why do EU and transatlantic support to Ukraine matter? A view from Europe’s North”.
23-09-2022 Book presentation and photo exhibition "Photographing Central Asia" on 8 November
20-09-2022 Eureast Platform Summer School on Ukraine in a glance
09-09-2022 Open lecture on 5 October: “Why do EU and transatlantic support to Ukraine matter? A view from Europe’s North”.
30-08-2022 Ghent University designs an online Academy for Ukrainian lecturers in the field of EU law and policy
13-06-2022 Update on the Platform’s name and mission
04-05-2022 Regional Platforms networking event 2022
02-05-2022 CERISE lecture on 24 May: How the war in Ukraine affects those who depend on Russia: the case of Central Asia
06-04-2022 Beatriz Bermúdez, the Russia Platform’s visiting fellow talks about her stay at Ghent University
17-03-2022 Statement on the war in Ukraine
08-03-2022 Ghent University in solidarity with Ukraine
25-02-2022 CERISE lecture on 4 May: The great Siberian thaw: causes and consequences of Russian permafrost melting
20-02-2022 CERISE online lecture on 26 April: ‘Back in the USSR? The state of (social) media in Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine’
15-02-2022 CERISE lecture on 19 April: “International Criminal Law after Bucha: Avenues for Responsibility”
31-01-2022 New publication: ‘Russia and China in the 21st century: Between Cooperation and Competition at the Regional and Global Level’.
23-01-2022 CERISE lecture on 4 April: The war in Ukraine and the role of European Union
23-11-2021 The latest CERISE lecture ‘Russian Exceptionalism between East and West: the Ambiguous Empire’ by Kevork Oskanian (Birmingham University) is available online
16-11-2021 Watch the video: ‘Constitutionalizing the disregard of European Court of human rights’
08-11-2021 Watch the video here: Russia’s war on independent media: How to survive the “long winter”