Visiting Fellow from Ukraine Explores Partnership University Governance at Ghent University

(08-06-2023) Ghent University recently welcomed Dr. Oleksandra Borodiyenko as a visiting fellow under the short-term fellowship programme of the Eureast Platform.

Dr. Borodiyenko, a leading research fellow from the Department of Quality Assurance at the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, conducted a comprehensive study on partnership university governance during her research stay at Ghent University.

Dr. BorodiyenkoHer primary objective was to investigate Ghent University's experience in partnership governance, alongside exploring the experiences of other Flemish universities. Motivated by the ambition to develop theoretical foundations and concepts for partnership university governance in Ukraine, she engaged in fruitful research activities throughout her stay.

Dr. Borodiyenko's research visit involved interactions and interviews with colleagues from various departments at Ghent University. She received scientific guidance from Prof. Jeroen Huisman, an expert specializing in organizational change, institutional strategy, and higher education policies.

Looking ahead, Dr. Borodiyenko plans to integrate the core ideas gained during her visit into the Ukrainian national legislation. As an active member of several working groups dedicated to enhancing national education legislation, she aims to disseminate her research findings widely within the professional community. Notably, she has already submitted two scientific articles based on her research results, with one article already published and another currently under consideration.

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