The basis of our study programme offer consists of the training of pharmacists. Future pharmacists begin their training by following the Bachelor of pharmaceutical sciences. During this study programme the student acquires general and scientific competences, and a basic knowledge of medicinal drugs (“pharmaceutical knowledge”) and of diseases/health (“medical basic knowledge”).

In the light of the evolution of the social role of the pharmacist the faculty organises two initial Master’s programmes (following the Bachelor’s programme).
In the Master of pharmaceutical care the emphasis is on the relationship between patient-pharmacist, patient-drug and patient-drug-care provider. This programme prepares primarily for a position in a pharmacy or a hospital, possibly after following an advanced  study programme  (Master after Master) in hospital pharmacy. It can equally lead to a career of scientific researcher, a job with the government, etc ...

The Master of drug development puts the emphasis on the drug itself, rather than the patient-oriented context. Students who are more oriented towards industry will tend to choose for the Master of drug development, often with as a follow-up the advanced study programme (Master after Master) in industrial pharmacy.

Note that most Bachelor and Master courses are currently taught in Dutch (despite the fact that you'll find a description in English)! To follow these courses, good language proficiency (Dutch) is absolutely necessary and formally required (more info). This prove has to be submitted together with your students' applications (see further). Therefore, we discourage foreign students not familiar with the Dutch language to register for these courses. On the other hand, international students are encouraged to join our faculty to perform a research project that fits in their curriculum. Before applying, please check with the responsible person of your institution if there is a bilateral agreement with our faculty that allows for student mobility to Gent! This bilateral agreement will contain the contact details of the UGent professor you should contact first to learn about available places. All details for the formal application (including all necessaey forms that have to be filled out) can be found here.

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