Biomedical Sciences

Why choose the Biomedical Sciences Programme?

  • Strongly research oriented
  • All teachers are strongly embedded in (bio)medical research and courses are based on first hand evidence.
  • Opportunities to follow basic as well as advanced courses in diverse research areas in relevant clinical domains.


All the courses of the Master in Biomedical Sciences are offered in English which makes it very accessible for exchange students from other international universities. In addition, internationally renowned researchers come and present their work in the ‘Medical Seminars’ program. Students participate in microteaching. The Master dissertation is written and defended in English.


Please respect the submission deadlines for the application procedure. Applications for an exchange for courses or a part of a thesis should be submitted by May 15th (when taking courses in the first semester of the next academic year) or November 15th (for taking courses in the second semester of the same academic year). Applications for a research stay should be submitted at least two months prior to arrival.


We advise to critically review your previous track record when choosing courses that you want to follow in the biomedical sciences programme. The courses of most of the major are molecular cell biology oriented and require previous advanced knowledge in this area. In addition, some of these courses are linked to another within in one Major. During the master year students need to choose a topic for a research internship which is in close accordance with one major. The topic of the research internship is experimentally addressed during the master’s dissertation. Each major has five complementary courses. They start from fundamental research and lead to clinical applications and insights, the so-called translational research. It is not possible to follow the major internship without taking up the complementary courses.

Practical information

General information regarding the application procedure, deadlines, accommodation can be found on the general website for exchange students.


Prof. dr. ir. Ans Baeyens ( for more information.