Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology

In the Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology study programme the student is confronted with all aspects of archaeological research and with several other scientific disciplines. The programme is a combination of lectures and seminars, fieldwork and self-guided study. As the programme progresses, the lectures decrease and seminars, development of practical skills, fieldwork, self-guided study and independent research increase.


The department of Archaeology undertook a review of its bachelor programme a few years ago and introduced a new programme in 2014-2015.

In the first year undergraduate students follow, in addition to programme-specific courses, five general courses from the general course package of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy.
In addition the Bachelor programme is made up of three types of courses:

  1. Domain-specific knowledge courses: chronological overviews of specific archaeological regions
  2. Methodology courses: (Ba1) General Introduction to Archaeology, Introduction to World archaeology, Introduction to the natural sciences in Archaeology and Introduction to Archaeological Surveying and Excavation techniques; (Ba2) Ecological Archaeology, Introduction to Pedology and Introduction to Geology; (Ba3) Analysis and Imaging in Archaeology, Non-invasive survey techniques in archaeology, and Introduction to Geomatics in archaeology
  3. Practical skills courses: guided exercises and seminars to help develop academic skills and the ability to execute independent research, fieldwork, artefact and material courses, field trips to museums and archaeological sites

In the second and third year the student will be able to broaden his or her intellectual horizons through a minor of 30 credits in another subject (Assyriology, Geography, Art Studies, History or Classical Civilization and the Classical Tradition).

For the current and detailed study programme please visit the programme catalogue of Ghent University