Master of Arts in Archaeology

The one-year Master of Archaeology programme follows the three-year bachelor's programme and aims to form archaeologists who are able to conduct independent and specialized scientific research and successfully fulfil management positions (directing excavations, leading projects etc.). The programme provides an excellent methodological framework and teaches valuable practical skills. In addition, the courses intend to teach the student how to critically and independently handle archaeological science and archaeological sources.

Academically trained archaeologists with an independent research attitude are well-needed in our rapidly evolving society in order to keep up with all sorts of social processes further increasing the role of archaeology.


The department of Archaeology introduces a new programme in 2016-2017.

As a master student you will further develop the relevant techniques and methods of the archaeological discipline. You will need to acknowledge the relevance of archaeology and assess its important role within our society. It is crucial that you conduct your own research, resulting in a written master's thesis.

Another important aspect is fieldwork. Fieldwork is indispensable in the training of future archaeologists, especially now in Europe, with preventive and emergency research, in the context of the Malta Convention, becoming increasingly important. Through further participation in fieldwork projects and related activities (museum management, material studies etc.) we want to prepare students for the practical side of field archaeology and archaeological research. An internship abroad is possible.

In addition, the Master in Archaeology will also emphasize on developing oral skills through discussion groups and seminars where recent scientific research (of our own department or others) is discussed.

For the new study programme (from 2016-2017) please visit the programme catalogue of Ghent University.