Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology of NW Europe

The Research Unit Prehistory and Protohistory covers all research on the stone and metal ages. This research focusses on Western Europe, but also research in other regions can be included, o.a. the Altay Mountains in Central Asia.

The former ‘Seminarie voor Archeologie’ was established in the 1940ies by prof. dr. Sigfried J. De Laet (1914-1999), head of the service until 1984 and followed up by prof. dr. Jacques A.E. Nenquin (1925-2003). With the reform of Ghent University in 1991, the 'Seminarie' became part of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History of Europe (now Department of Archaeology). The Prehistory and Protohistory was covered by prof. dr. Jean Bourgeois, until in 1990 prof. dr. Philippe Crombé joined the team and took over all aspects of the Prehistory. Prof. dr. Jean Bourgeois focusses since then on the Metal Ages.


Prof dr Philippe Crombé