Refusal to enrol / binding conditions

On the basis of article 24 of the Education and Examination Code, your re-enrolment at Ghent University or your re-enrolment for your current study programme has been refused or a binding condition has been imposed on you for re-enrolment in the same study programme. This is mentioned on the first page of your transcript of records (under "Important information").

Filing an appeal

You may file an internal appeal against the decision to impose binding conditions as well as against the decision to refuse enrolment with the Institutional Appeals Committee. This is only useful if you can present convincing arguments as to why your studies have made little progress in the previous academic years. As a student of the third bachelor year or the master, it is certainly advisable to file an appeal against the decision to refuse enrolment and to explain the reason for the delay in your studies.

The appeal needs to be filed within the peremptory time limit of 7 calendar days, counting from the day you enrolled again via Oasis. The appeal is to be sent to the Rector of Ghent University (Rectoraat, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Gent) by registered post. At the same time, an electronic version of the appeal must be sent to

The appeal includes a letter and any certificates. The letter is to specify your identity and contact details (name, address, email, telephone number and student number), the disputed decision and a description of the facts and arguments against said decision. Were there any family or social problems, health issues or other reasons hindering the study progress? Can you demonstrate whether you are able to make sufficient study progress in the future? Substantiate your arguments with certificates, transcripts of records, supporting documents, etc. Do not forget to sign and date your letter, otherwise your appeal will be declared inadmissible.

The Institutional Appeals Committee will notify you of its decision within 20 calendar day (starting from the day after the day on which the appeal was instigated) by email and by registered post.

All the information on the appeal procedure can be found in article 81 of the Education and Examination Code. It is always possible, even after an appeal has been rejected, to file another appeal against the refusal of enrolment in a later academic year.

More information?

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