Within many study programmes at our faculty (all bachelor's programmes, except for the study programmes Linguistics and Literature and Applied Language Studies), you have to choose a minor from the second bachelor's year onwards. Minors are clusters of course units from a different discipline than your own to develop broader knowledge within your study programme.

A minor is spread over one or two bachelor years, depending on the study programme you are following.

Every study programme offers a number of minors. These are minors of which the relevance to the study programme is assured. In general, these minors offer advantages in terms of shortening the study duration if you want to obtain an additional degree in the subject of the chosen minor after your studies.

Guidelines for choosing a minor

  • The study guide indicates how many ECTS credits of minor course units you should take and how you should spread them across Bachelor 2 and/or Bachelor 3. If you have a personalised learning track (GIT), you can spread the minor over several years. You need to take a total of 15, 25 or 30 ECTS credits (depending on the study programme you are following) of minor course units.
  • Always check the selection rules mentioned in the study guide for the minor, as well as the starting competencies of the different course units of the minor. In case of doubt, contact the lecturer-in-charge.
  • Once you have chose a minor, you stick to it. In principle, you cannot choose another minor in the following academic year. If you want to take another minor, you will have to take 15, 25 or 30 new ECTS credits of the new minor.
  • It is not possible to take course units as minor course units which are not included in the list of minors.
  • Because the number of ECTS credits per study programme sometimes differs, it is possible that the total number of ECTS credits of your minor will not be exactly 15, 25 or 30. This is not a problem, as long as you get at least the required number of ECTS credits.
  • It is not allowed to take extra course units. An example: you have to choose a minor of 15 ECTS credits. You comprise a total of 18 ECTS credits while you have taken one course unit of 3 ECTS credits. You are not allowed to take this extra course unit of 3 ECTS credits because you have already accumulated 15 ECTS credits without this course unit.

Registering the minor in your curriculum

After you have chosen the course units you would like to and can follow as a minor by means of the study guide, you register them in Oasis, just like the other course units of your curriculum.


Contact the learning track counsellor of your study programme.