History of the collection L52

The field of Performing Arts and Media Studies studies theatrical events in the broadest sense of the word. The study of theatre and dance is extended to include the study of the performing arts in general (e.g. theatrical scenery, text theatre, performance, figure theatre, musical theatre, dance and even new forms of circus and puppetry) and the modern media arts (photography, film, video, etc.). Both the dramatic text and the performance - often in relation to the evolution of the new media - are highlighted. This is in line with the international scientific trend of transversality and intermediality. Certain aspects receive extra attention, such as the study of dance theatre and the intercultural, political or ritualistic aspects of the performing arts. The same spearheads of the programme are reflected in the Theatre Studies collection (L52) of the Faculty Library of Arts and Philosophy.

Initially, there were five libraries in the Department of Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies:

  • Ethnic arts (L67) - ground floor Blandijn
  • Plastic arts (L70) - first floor HIKO
  • Architecture (L64) - first floor HIKO
  • Musicology (L66) - second floor Blandijn / second floor Rozier
  • Theatre (L52) - ground floor HIKO / second floor Rozier

In 2007, the libraries of Musicology and Theatre Studies merged at Rozier 44 (2nd floor - block C). A year later, this library moved to the Blandijn ((at the location of the former library of the ethnic arts). In 2011, the Documentation Centre for Dramatic Arts (DDK) donated its collection to Ghent University. The collection consisted of both archive and documentation material, a print archive and a book and magazine collection. The archive and documentation material was transferred to the Book Tower at the end of 2011. It was packed and sealed in a locked repository and will only be processed after the renovation of the Book Tower. The book and magazine collection was integrated into the library's collection of Theatre Studies in 2012.

In the autumn of 2015, the Theatre Studies collection was transferred to the Faculty Library of Arts and Philosophy. Part of the collection was stored in the depot (mainly less topical works). The current collection is located on the second floor of the Loveling wing of the faculty library.