History of the collection L64

There were originally five libraries in the department of Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies:

  • Ethnic Arts (L67) – ground floor Blandijn
  • Plastic arts (L70) – first floor HIKO
  • Architecture (L64) – first floor HIKO
  • Musicology (L66) – second floor Blandijn / second floor Rozier
  • Theatre (L52) – ground floor HIKO / second floor Rozier

The Architecture collection (Prof. em dr. L. Van Santvoort & Prof. dr. A. Bergmans) included works on the history of architecture, historic interiors and the conservation of monuments. The expansion of the collection was linked to the programme on Art History at Ghent University. For the collection on architecture, the emphasis was on Belgian architecture with special attention to the period from the 19th century to the Interbellum. As for the collection on historic interiors, the focus was on the total concept on the one hand and on the different branches of crafts on the other. Upon the appointment of Prof. dr. A. Bergmans, the temporarily slumbering collection on crafts was revitalized.

In the autumn of 2015 the whole collection was transferred to the Faculty Library of Arts and Philosophy. Part of the collection was then stored in the depot (mainly less topical works).