History of the collection L14X

The French Literary Studies collection was originally part of the seminar library for Roman Philology (French Literature, Romanic Literature, Belgian (French and Walloon) Literature, Provençal Literature, Spanish and Italian Literature). Until 1968, the seminar was led by Roger Dragonetti. His research interests were mainly focused on Dante. Herman Braet was responsible for the collection of Old French. Paul Remy served as ad interim head following the departure of professor Dragonetti.

In 1971, the seminar was split up, and Marcel De Grève became head of the section of French Literature (1971-1987). The French Literature library moved to the first floor of Blandijn. Professor De Grève’s research focused mainly on Rabelais.

From 1987 until 2006, Fernand Hallyn was head of the section and responsible for the collection of French Literature. His research centered on Montaigne, Ronsard, and Du Bellay, as well as on history of science.

In 1992, the seminar was transformed into the department of French Literature. Jacques Thomas was responsible for the Old French collection and was later succeeded by Philippe Verelst. Wilfried Smekens was responsible for the modern French Literature and 20th-century Studies collections. Alexander Roose is currently responsible for the collection.

Seminariebibliotheek L14X in 2011
Seminar library 2011.

In the autumn of 2011, the collection was transferred to the Faculty Library of Arts and Philosophy. Part of the collection was stored in the depot, including the section Ancien Français (AF).