Donating to the library

Below is the donation policy of the Faculty Library of Letters and Philosophy, as approved by the Faculty Library Committee in June 2023.

Limitation of collections

  • For books older than 100 years and journals, the Faculty Library of Letters and Philosophy (LWBib) refers to the Book Tower. It is then up to the Book Tower's collection manager to assess whether the offered collection will be taken up by the Book Tower.
  • For items other than books or audiovisual materials, LWBib refers to the UGent archives and/or to the GUM.


  • A donation is made by the person who compiled the collection and is always mediated by a ZAP member of the faculty (the mediator) or by the Book Tower collection manager.
  • The mediator prepares a donation proposal. In this proposal:
    • demonstrates the added value of the offered collection (added value for current research at the faculty and/or the uniqueness of the offered donation and/or the full coverage of a subject by the donation and/or contributes to the development of a spearhead collection).
    • indicates that the collection manager concerned (affiliated with the department) agrees to the inclusion of the donation and undertakes to deselect a similar number of books from the open shelf collection.
  • This proposal is evaluated by the collection staff within LWBib. Mutual agreements between members of departments or research groups with potential donors are not binding.
  • Before proceeding with a donation, the librarian must give his approval and a donation agreement is signed between the donor and LWBib, setting out the modalities of the donation.
  • The donor or the mediator himself examines whether the titles offered are already present in the UGent collection. Books that are already present will not be accepted.
  • The donor or the mediator is responsible for the logistics (packaging, transport and temporary storage of the donation).


  • LWBib is always willing to advise the donor and/or the mediator and to provide know-how and expertise to help them find solutions.