Knowmadic workplace #1

In addition to our study spaces for student and researchers, the Faculty Library also offers staff members a quiet workspace. In wing Magnel you can find Knowmadic Workplace #1 on the 2nd floor.

This room ( is equipped with a desk, keyboard, computer screen, phone and storage cabinet (without keys). A printer can be provided on request.


  • You are affiliated with the Faculty of Arts & Philosophy.
  • The room can be booked for a maximum of 4 weeks/year of which a maximum of 2 weeks can be booked in a row.
  • You will receive a key to the room and can use the kitchen for (carbonated) water, coffee and tea (key kitchen available at the service desks).
  • You can bring along library books; these must be on loan and registered in your name.
  • You have access to the workspace during the library’s opening hours. Exceptions to these times can be made with the librarian's permission.

In due course an additional Knowmadic Workplace #2 will be set up in wing Loveling.

Are you interested in booking this room? Send an email to