For secondary schools

The Faculty Library of Arts & Philosophy is freely accessible.

High school students can consult the collection or make scans.

The following workshop is available for secondary education:


  • 25 pupils | min. 2 hours | free
  • We take the students on a journey of discovery into the world of scientific information. The participants learn to apply different search strategies in a hands-on manner and get to work with boolean operators, catalogues, Google Scholar and scientific internet resources ... After a presentation and a short tour in the renovated Faculty Library of Arts and Philosophy, the students can start their own research assignment under the guidance of an experienced guide, or we can work out a tailor-made assignment.
  • Themes: Cultural sciences, Classical languages and history, Art, Modern languages
  • Target group: Secondary education (ASO/KSO), adult education
  • Period: In mutual agreement.
  • Material: PCs are available, but participants can also bring their own laptops or smartphones.
  • Location: Faculty library of Arts and Philosophy - Rozier 44 - Ghent
  • Contact details:

Useful tips concerning the CRAAP test, critical reading, Google Scholar, finding information, etc. can be found on research tips.