About us

imec-mict-UGent is an interdisciplinary research group at the department of Communication Sciences and the department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design at Ghent University and part of the digital research institute imec.

Our mission

Empowering people in a digitizing society

We gain insights in human behaviour
by developing new methods, conceptual approaches and future technologies
inspiring people, organisations and policymakers to create a more sustainable society.

Our research expertise

We are an interdisciplinary research group of imec and UGent, focussing on Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies. We study the interactions between people, society and technology through a methodological approach. We deliver clear insights in users’ (online/offline) behaviours, needs and wishes in a digitizing society, by mapping the interactions between people and new technologies on three levels (in everyday life, in a living lab, in a research lab). We focus on active user involvement during innovation roadmaps to test and shape the future technologies via our state of the art research labs (Media Experience Lab, Co-Creation Lab and Interaction Design Lab) and our research has developed insights in how to help organizations with the design of successful smart products.

Our interdisciplinary DNA

imec-mict-UGent is affiliated with imec and the Department of Communication Sciences of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the one hand and with the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University on the other hand.

The research group is based in De Krook, the epicenter of digital media innovation in Flanders. The architectural hotspot is a bustling meeting place between science, digital technology, entrepreneurship, media, culture and arts.

As part of the Ghent Design Factory, imec-mict-ugent is clearly taking a central role in the innovation process between citizens, government, research institutes, NGOs and the industry

Our services

imec-mict-UGent relies on a unique and broad diversity of methodological expertise. Main differentiators in that methodological approach are its interdisciplinarity and its user-centric innovation approach.

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