News bulletin

26-01-2022 JOB OFFER - Full-time PhD student 'The networked family in a smart-home context. An investigation into privacy practices, standards and data-driven technology'
20-01-2022 JOB OFFER - Full-time junior interface designer: prototyping and development for digital product/services
17-01-2022 OPINION – How about a Belgian regulator for algorithms?
10-01-2022 mict participates in SolidLab Vlaanderen
21-12-2021 Publication - Algorithms in the educational context: a study of the perception, opinion and attitude of pupils and parents in Flanders
22-11-2021 Our path to a user-friendly COVID-19 test
16-11-2021 PUBLICATION - Digital Issue Movements
16-11-2021 NEW BOOK – Media and innovation in a transforming society
16-11-2021 JOB OFFER - Fulltime senior researcher: computational design
09-11-2021 OPINION – Is there a future for the Corona Alert app?
05-11-2021 PUBLICATION - The Identification, Selection, and Activation of Distributed Knowledge in Regional Open Innovation Ecosystems
04-07-2021 PUBLICATION - Algorithms in the news: appreciation or aversion?
27-06-2021 PUBLICATION - Co-shaping smart cities: participation inequalities in civic crowdsourcing
25-05-2021 ROLECS project - The New Docks
25-05-2021 OPINION – Citizens are interested in, yet concerned about AI and automation
24-05-2021 PUBLICATION - acceptability of industrial cobots
19-05-2021 PUBLICATION - Owned streaming platforms and television broadcast deals: the case of the World Rally Championship (WRC)
19-05-2021 Together with the partners of the Data & Society Knowledge Center, we continue to focus on artificial intelligence the coming years.
30-04-2021 Wellbeing and relationships after one year corona: A longitudinal survey in Belgium
20-04-2021 imec.digimeter 2020: A year of digital acceleration, but with nuances…
07-04-2021 PUBLICATION - Sexting, pressured sexting and image-based sexual abuse among a weighted-sample of heterosexual and LGB-youth
26-03-2021 PUBLICATION: Tackling COVID-19 from below: civic participation among online neighbourhood network users during the COVID-19 pandemic
18-03-2021 'ExperienceDNA' our new tool to design the perfect user experience for your future innovations
09-03-2021 PUBLICATION – Making curation algorithms apparent: a case study of ‘Instawareness’ as a means to heighten awareness and understanding of Instagram's algorithm
08-03-2021 OPINION - Diversity in news algorithms
05-03-2021 PUBLICATION - Digital Game-Based Learning effectiveness assessment: Reflections on study design
25-02-2021 MENSENTAAL - Prof. Jelle Saldien about interaction design and how it helps building bridges between the increasingly complex digital world and people.
27-01-2021 ERC Starting Grant holder Mariek Vanden Abeele joins our team
20-01-2021 PUBLICATION - Designing and validating the Social Media Political Participation Scale: An instrument to measure political participation on social media
17-12-2020 Best wishes for 2021!
08-12-2020 Algorithms and AI in a medical context
01-12-2020 DISSERTATION – Mental Workload Monitoring in the Manufacturing Industry: Conceptualisation, Operationalisation and Implementation
13-11-2020 JOURNAL MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - SPECIAL ISSUE with dr. Ralf De Wolf on 'Children’s Voices on Privacy Management and Data Responsibilization'
12-11-2020 JOURNAL OF DIGITAL MEDIA & POLICY - SPECIAL ISSUE with Prof. dr. Tom Evens on 'Regulating Digital Platform Power'
22-10-2020 Technology and Health: theme edition of EOS Magazine with contributions of several mict-researchers
14-10-2020 Digital inequality: A comparative survey study between income poor and non-income poor people by Prof. Koen Ponnet, Sarah Anrijs and Prof. Lieven De Marez
25-09-2020 M-Award from Mediawijs for our 'MobileDNA' in the category 'Mediawijs Research'
25-09-2020 BOOK LAUNCH – 'Slagen met dyscalculie in het hoger onderwijs' by Prof. Annemie Desoete (UGent en Arteveldehogeschool), dr. Bas Baccarne (imec-mict-UGent), Ben Robaeyst (imec-mict-UGent), Wout Duthoo (imec) et. al.
16-09-2020 MobileDNA nominated for the M-Awards 2020
11-09-2020 'When even fake news is fake!' dr. Kristin Van Damme and researchers Bart Vanhaelewyn and Glen Joris in the new UGent Magazine
02-09-2020 JOURNAL PUBLICATION – Development and validation of a behavioral video coding scheme for detecting mental workload in manual assembly
01-09-2020 Digital Living Lab Days "Connecting people & technology towards a citizen centered digital future" - September 2-4
26-08-2020 WHITE PAPER - Definitions of Immersive Media Experience
18-08-2020 Best Paper Award at the 12th International Conference on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
27-07-2020 CITADEL project results added to the European Commission's Innovation Radar platform
23-06-2020 What is the impact of ‘coronaisation’ on media consumption?
28-05-2020 Citizens offer social support and tackle the coronacrisis together
24-04-2020 Survey results on well-being and relationships during the corona pandemic
31-03-2020 The smartphone use of Flemish adults during the COVID-19 pandemic