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Blog post 1: algorithms and news diversity. More and more often algorithms are used to personalize news recommendations. It is, however, unclear how news recommendations can improve the diversity of news consumption while still making use of personalized news algorithms. Therefore, #NewsDNA created a diversity algorithm and proposed the idea of personalized diversity. In this blogpost, Manou Boey explains what a diversity algorithm is and how personalized diversity can be used to recommend news articles.

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Blog post 2: algorithms in the news: like or dislike? As news selection is increasingly controlled by algorithms, a growing number of scholars are exploring how news recommenders can serve public services. Despite aspirations towards public service algorithms, little is known about which type of news recommender people prefer, let alone about a news recommender that aims to promote societal values. In this blog post, Glen Joris presents the results of his study in which he aims to give insights into audiences’ perceptions to news recommenders and their underlying news selection mechanisms.