Prof. dr. ir. Erik Dejonghe

Affiliated member the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Erik Dejonghe



Born in Lokeren (Belgium) in 1947, Erik Dejonghe holds an engineering degree in Electronic and Computer Sciences from the University of Ghent and a Phd in Applied Sciences. Furthermore, he followed the MBA program at The Vlerick School of Management, the International Senior Management Program at Harvard Business School and the International Forum Program of the Wharton School.

Erik started his career as researcher at the University of Gent and in 1974 he became project manager for Siemens NV.

In 1982, he joined at Barco Electronic NV as a Project and Product Manager and member of the Management Committee, to be appointed General Manager only one year later. After a successful turnaround, Barco Electronic was quoted on the Brussels Stock Exchange in 1987 and Erik became a Member of the Board in 1988.

Barco Electronic and Barco Industries merged to form Barco NV in 1989. In the new organization, Erik was Senior Vice President and C.O.O. until May 2001 and remained a Member of the Board until February 2002.

Since 2001, Erik has been active as an independent consultant, specialized in organizational development and technology assessment.

Since 2005, Erik Dejonghe advises the Flemish Government on the technological and economic aspects of new communication media.

Presently, he holds a seat in the Board of several companies and is Visiting Professor of the University of Ghent, teaching on the subject of Social Impact of Communication Technologies.

He lives in Belgium, is married and has two children.