Elodie Devos

Intern at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.


Elodie Devos is a Communication Sciences student who’s currently finalizing her master’s degree in New Media and Society. She will be an intern within the project of Apestaartjaren. It involves a hybrid approach to research, combining quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the dynamics of media consumption among children and teenagers. At the core of her internship lies the organization and analysis of focus groups with teenagers focusing on their news consumption and perceptions of the elections. This qualitative research forms a crucial part of understanding the broader context of media trends and societal influences of media use of children and teenagers.

Simultaneously, Elodie will also execute quantitative analyses, examining datasets from the survey conducted earlier to identify patterns and trends. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of media and its impact on the younger generation. She will later help report all the interesting insights gathered for the Apestaartjarenrapport.

Within the framework of her academic coursework, Elodie is actively working towards finding a creative solution. The project involves finding a solution and launching a prototype for the challengers VRTMax and Solid4Media, showcasing her ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications.