Michiel Hielegems

Intern at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Michiel 2

Michiel Hielegems is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in New Media & Society at the University of Ghent, building upon his academic foundation in Communication Sciences. As part of his academic journey, Michiel is undertaking an 8-week internship at imec-mict-Ugent, where he will be actively involved in the Solid project.

Within this project, Michiel will provide support to the Business Developer in researching Solid-based personal data vaults. He will contribute to the research on the creation and validation of new data ecosystems for services and products based on Solid principles and specifications. Additionally, he will assist with increasing the outreach and project development around Solid, collaborate on project proposals and he will aid the Business Developer in establishing innovative and socially relevant project ideas. Moreover, he will be engaged in project meetings and internal discussions with other Solid researchers within the MICT research group.

He eagerly anticipates applying the knowledge gained during his studies to real-world scenarios. The Solid project presents a challenging research endeavor that he is thrilled to be involved in, marking the beginning of an exciting journey of continuous learning and practical applications.