Ben Robaeyst

Junior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

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Smart cities
Urban innovation
City of People


Ben Robaeyst started as a junior researcher in April 2018. He began his higher education with a bachelor in Secondary Education: History and Ethics (Hogeschool Gent, 2015). Afterwards he continued his education by graduating as a master in Communicational Sciences with specialization in New Media and Society (Ghent University, 2017). In his master, Ben contributed in different kinds of projects regarding social relevant subjects e.g. countering radicalization and extremism with children. As a master thesis, Ben did a qualitative content analysis of animal representation in user-generated content.

He joined mict as a junior researcher in the “city of people”-project. In this cycle-like project, different stakeholders like OCMW Gent, Stad Gent, Universiteit Gent,… are working together to find answers for social relevant problems by including the civilians of Ghent in the whole process. In the first cycle, the project focusses on the “socialization of the health-care sector”. Where current technologies can help making this sector more sustainable in the future.