Mathias Maes

Junior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.


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Tech acceptance
Tech Adoption
Quality of Experience
Human-Computer Interaction

Mathias started as a junior researcher in December 2019. He holds Master’s Degrees in Communication Sciences (New Media and Society) and Business Economics from Ghent University. To broaden his interests, Mathias also completed the AI@Home microdegree programme at Howest (applied sciences) and is pursuing a postgraduate programme in applied AI.

Mathias’ first love was for immersive media (AR/VR) and designing and performing experiments, but since, he has tried to broaden his skills and interests by participating in a variety of projects, such as:

• iPlay, an interactive exergaming platform for comprehensive, 3D monitoring of gamers and athletes, performing experiments and user research.
• Telenet Essential Internet, qualitative user research to optimise Telenet’s service quality.
• IN2FOOD-project, defining the ‘current state’ and stakeholder mapping for the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum in Indonesia for tackling food waste through innovative thinking.
• URBANAGE, user research on the user requirements for older adults in working towards age-friendly cities
• AI-CS Barometer, data analysis to gain a better understanding of current adoption levels of AI and cybersecurity in Flemish companies.
• EverAI, a project on the adoption of speech-to-text solutions in emergency vehicles for more efficient patient information exchange between emergency vehicles and receiving hospitals.

Since 2022, Mathias will be focusing on the SOLIDlab Vlaanderen, investigating the adoption potential of the Flemish population in regard to personal data vaults, where he will be responsible for the setup and deployment of the ’Solid Readiness Survey’.
For his doctoral research, he will specifically be focusing on the end-user from a behavioural economics perspective.