Tom De Leyn

Junior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.


   |   09 264 67 31 

Youth Culture


Social Media


Tom De Leyn joined the Department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University and the Department of Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University as a PhD candidate (joint PhD) in September 2018. He is affiliated to the imec research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies (imec-mict-UGent). Before, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (KU Leuven) and graduated as a master in Social & Cultural Anthropology (KU Leuven). His master thesis examined youth culture in Greece during the socio-economic crisis. He conducted extensive ethnographic research in Athens to gain an in-depth insight into the precarious lives of the Greek youth.

Currently, Tom is working on a Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)-funded project about mobile youth culture and the privacy management of teenagers on location-based social networks. Rather than looking into individual control of privacy, he utilizes a youth cultural lens to examine the collective privacy practices of youngsters. The research method is a combination of ethnographic fieldwork, interviews and focus groups