Prof. dr. Bas Baccarne

Professor at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design, Ghent University.


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As a socio-technologist and professor of design methodology at imec-mict-UGent &, Bas shapes the technology of tomorrow through a unique combination of social science research, innovation management and product design. This includes design

ethnography, cocreation, prototyping as well as experimentation. In doing so, Bas often employs a research through design methodology and puts inclusion and empowerment first, with a strong focus on participatory design and participatory action research (read more).

Research: In the research unit design for empowerment, Bas coordinates three central objectives: (1) inclusive design, (2) design for futures & (3) design for impact. In the context of inclusive design, emerging technologies for human augmentation are being shaped in a far-reaching way, focusing on the development of toolkits for user innovation (design by humans), collaborative design (transdisciplinary, in cocreation) & advanced human-product interactions. In other words, design for inclusiveness, with technology as a tool. The design for futures domain explores how futures thinking and design can mutually reinforce each other. Here, we explore how design practices can contribute to the understanding and shaping of future contexts (and vice versa). Finally, with respect to design for impact, we explore how technology can contribute to complex societal challenges (e.g., using living lab research).

Career: Bas graduated as a Communication Scientist (New Media & Society) in 2012, but quickly explored transdisciplinary paths. In his doctoral research (2019), he explored the cross-fertilization between democracy, design, policy, innovation management and web technology. In doing so, Bas researched cocreation, participation inequalities, urban living labs, hackathons and crowdsourcing, among other topics. Then Bas crossed another bridge and became a doctoral assistant at the industrial engineering: industrial design program (UGent, Campus Kortrijk), where he was appointed professor of design methodology, interactive prototyping, interaction design & inclusive design in 2024.

Now, Bas represents the human aspect in the engineering discipline. This includes human-centered design, ergonomics, design methodology, usability and user experience research, and design of experiments. In this context, Bas also has a great fondness for educational innovation (e.g. through the ENLIGHT BIP AI for Everyone, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, User Innovation Toolbox). Bas is also always looking for interesting partnerships for challenge-based education. In addition, Bas supports various initiatives around student entrepreneurship. Affiliations: As a researcher, Bas is affiliated with both research group imec-mict-UGent and research group, and is a member of IDC GRAY and IDC Delta. Bas is also methodological architect of Comon.