dr. Bas Baccarne

Senior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design, Ghent University.

Bas Baccarne


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Digital Citizenship
Smart Cities
Urban Social Informatics
Urban New Media
Online Civic Engagement
Urban Innovation
Civic Entrepreneurship
Innovation Ecosystems
Urban Living Labs

Bas Baccarne is senior researcher at research group imec-mict-UGent and doctor-assistant at the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University, Belgium.

His academic interests converge on the crossroads between civic technology and the urban environment (e.g. urban HCI, urban living labs, smart cities). His research focusses on the development and evaluation of new interfaces in the urban environment to solve wicked urban issues, approached from a citizen-centric perspective.

Intrigued by participatory design, urban innovation and (the shaping of) civic technology, Bas has been active for 8 years in several research projects with local governments, smart city SMEs & start-ups and transdisciplinary research teams covering topics such as crowdsourcing, hackathons, crowdfunding, digital citizenship, participation inequalities, citizen science, urban commons, innovation ecosystems, urban social informatics and digital civic engagement.

In September 2019, Bas finished his PhD on innovative ICT enabled interaction interfaces in the urban environment, titled: "collaborative and participatory challenges in urban innovation". This interest goes back to his early academic years. Bas Baccarne graduated in 2012 as a Master in New Media & Society (Ghent University) with a thesis on crowdsourcing in Smart Cities, followed by a six-year position as research and teaching assistant at the same department, supervised by prof. Lieven De Marez.