Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I use the internet?

Select the ‘Eduroam’ network and sign in with your UGent e-mail address and password (or and password).
You’ll have to accept a certificate the first time you connect.

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How do I use the printers?

At Ghent University you can only print via Athena, using your student card.

  1. Top up your card via Epurse
  2. Sign in at Athena
  3. Open your document
  4. Select the correct printer: 'ricoh on pcounter'
  5. Activate the printer with your student card

Note: there is no printer in the library, but you can use the public multifunctionals in the entrance hall (ground floor).

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What’s the best way to browse the collections?

We recommend launching a browser via Athena before visiting Don’t forget to sign in at the top right of the page.
This way you’ll have access to the entire online and offline collection.

Note: the best way to search the catalogue is by title and/or author.

How do I know how many books I’ve got on loan?

Go to and click ‘Sign in’ at the top right of the page. There you’ll find an overview of your loans, reservations, downloads, etc.

How do I reserve a library item?

  1. Find the title of the journal or book at
  2. Click ‘Reserve’
  3. Sign in with your UGent account
  4. Click ‘Reserve’ again

You’ll receive an e-mail (or sms) when the book is ready for pick-up.

How do I submit a scan request?

First, have a look to see if the article is available online (e.g. via Google Scholar). If not, we’ll be happy to scan it for you.

Search the collections ( by the title of the journal or book. Then, click on ‘Request scanned article’ or ‘Get a chapter scanned’. The request form allows you to specify what you’re looking for exactly. We’ll deliver the PDF to you as soon as possible.

Can I borrow headphones / a USB stick / bank card reader / eID reader?

Absolutely! You may request them at the information desk.

Where can I go to work on group projects, to have discussions, … ?

The library is a quiet study room and not suitable for group projects. Fortunately, there are plenty of other rooms at the faculty you can use for working with fellow students. For each room you can check whether or not it’s occupied via the QR-code displayed next to the door or via Centauro. Is the room available? Feel free to use it.

You can also go to the resto (after 14:00) or the basement.

How do I check whether a room is available or occupied?

  1. Scan the QR-code next to the door
  2. Sign in with your UGent account
  3. Edit the date
  4. Choose your location: Campus Dunant
  5. Choose your building: Dunant 2
  6. Click ‘Search’
  7. Find the room in the calendar and you’ll see the availability