Prof. Dr. Verolien Cauberghe

Associate Professor at the research group Center for Journalism Studies of the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University.    |    +32 472 23 07 87


Strategic communication
Promoting sustainable behaviour 
Message framing


Veroline Cauberghe is associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University. Her expertise is centered within the field of Strategic Communication related to complex societal issues. She mainly focuses on (sustainable) climate communication, where she delves into the underlying mechanisms that shape public perceptions through various message framing strategies.

She is engaged with the interdisciplinary marine research group marine@UGent, where she also serves as a board member for the newly established facilities at the Ostend Research Park. She recently co-founded the new division on Sustainable Communication of NeFCA (Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association) and is a member of the FDRO (Federal Council for Sustainable Development). Veroline is part of the FWO commission related to international collaborations. In addition, she takes on the role of ombudsperson for students within the faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

She is involved in multiple projects aimed at promoting sustainable behaviors and guiding society towards achieving climate neutrality. Her research encompasses a wide array of topics, including the promotion of sustainable fashion consumption, sustainable water usage (including water conservation and circular water systems), the advancement of a sustainable blue economy (covering areas such as coastal protection and blue food), and the exploration of climate-neutral energy solutions.

Current Research Projects