Asaah Ndah Asongwed

Onderzoeker verbonden aan de onderzoeksgroep Center for Journalism Studies van de vakgroep Communicatiewetenschappen aan de Universiteit Gent.

Asaah Ndah Asongwed




Political communication
Social Constructivism
Comparative analysis
News media


Asaah Ndah Asongwed is a doctoral student in the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University. His research is on media and gender in Africa, under the supervision of professor Sarah Van Leuven and dr. Sara De Vuyst.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Portuguese and French Studies from the University of Toronto, Canada; a Master’s in Communications, Media and Journalism from the Catholic University of Portugal; and a Master’s in Conference Interpreting from the European University of Valencia, Spain. Furthermore, he spent a year as an undergraduate exchange student at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and has completed several professional development courses and certificates in areas such as business communications, media design, digital and social media marketing, translation and project management.

His professional experience includes work in corporate communications, fundraising, translation/interpreting, organization and methods (O&M) and program support, with various non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations.