Catho Vermeulen

Onderzoeker verbonden aan de onderzoeksgroep Center for Journalism Studies van de vakgroep Communicatiewetenschappen aan de Universiteit Gent.

Catho Vermeulen  | LinkedIn

In 2022, Catho obtained her master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Ghent University. In parallel with her studies, she also followed the Ghent University Honours Programme ‘Quetelet Lectures’, a university-wide initiative to learn how to approach science from different disciplines and perspectives.

Shortly after her graduation, she started as a PhD Researcher at the Department of Communication Sciences. She is a member of the research group CJS (Center for Journalism studies) and is currently working on the Blue Balance project.

The aim of the project is to increase public involvement and participation in the sustainable transition of the Flemish coastal region. This by first investigating the underlying psychological drivers, barriers and processes among coastal residents and tourists, using her background in psychology. Then
by using these insights to develop communication strategies.