For companies


studente-9aThe research groups within the department of Communication Sciences allow companies to work together with students. Companies can approach us with themes and ideas suitable for a research paper or master's dissertation. We will then match them with suitable students. Both parties profit from this exchange.

If your company is interested in this concept, you can get in touch with one of our four research groups.




studente-aan-pcStarting in June our students go job hunting and select an internship position. Every internship takes place in the second semester in between February and May. Students can opt for an internship from an online list we place at their disposal, but they can also choose independently. The necessary paperwork is handled in the fall, making sure the internship can start come February.




For general info

Johan Vermeire

For info concerning the internships 

Marc De Wilde (on Thursdays or after making an appointment)

Internship coordinator

Prof. Raeymaeckers


The intern

  • Works without pay in the springtime for 8 to 10 weeks (260 tot 320 work hours, approximately a four-day work week)
  • Guides the daily communication activities of your organization: reputation and branding strategy, press relations, online communication, internal communication, event management, etc.
  • Works on an overarching project in line with the Communication Sciences programme that brings added value to the employer

The company offering the internship

  • Allows the intern to experience a fascinating and varied assignment
  • Provides the intern with guidance and constructive criticism and strives to make full use of the student's qualities
  • Evaluates the intern during the course of the internship and afterwards, consults the internship coordinator/Ghent University promoter
  • Evaluates the internship at set points (shortly after starting, during and after the internship period)
  • Supports the intern and company in ensuring the internship is mutually beneficial

Internship Coordinator at Ghent University

  • Mediates between intern and company offering the internship
  • Is responsible for the administration and monitoring of the internship and its evaluation, consults with the internship promoter for this