News bulletin

11-09-2017 Results of the second imec Health Monitor are out!
08-09-2017 PUBLICATION - A Structured Approach to Academic Technology Transfer: Lessons Learned from imec’s 101 Programme. Published in Technology Innovation Management Review (TIMReview).
01-09-2017 "Veli-Pekka Niitamo Prize" for best academic contribution goes to dr. Dimitri Schuurman and Annabel Georges at the ENoLL Summer School/ OpenLivingLab Days
18-08-2017 PUBLICATION - Ralf De Wolf co-author paper New Media & Society
29-06-2017 Scientific Panel Contribution Award at ISPIM goes to dr. Dimitri Schuurman
14-06-2017 AWARD - Best article 2016 for prof. Tom Evens
01-06-2017 PUBLICATION - Hybrid e-TextBooks as comprehensive interactive learning environments.
16-05-2017 Prof. dr. Tom Evens elected as Deputy President of the European Media Management Association
30-03-2017 Apestaartjaren 6.2 with mict talk on EduTab
22-03-2017 PUBLICATION – Chapter Innovation Policies in the European News and Media Industry
27-02-2017 New edition 'Durf Denken': everything about The Krook
21-02-2017 Digimeter presented at SARC Media
17-02-2017 Turn content into inspiration - Added value and success of Spott: result of the SpotShop project
31-01-2017 PUBLICATION - Special issue Innovation in Living Labs
27-01-2017 PUBLICATION - Tracing female gamer identity
25-01-2017 Slechts 6% van de Vlamingen heeft thuis geen enkel slim digitaal toestel – zegt nieuwe digimeter
02-01-2017 PUBLICATION - The associations of adolescents' dating violence victimization, well-being and engagement in risk behaviors
23-12-2016 Sparkling wishes for 2017!
21-12-2016 Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez received the UGent Minerva Award
12-12-2016 PUBLICATION - Online? A study of smartphone Internet availability