Prof. dr. Tom Evens

Professor at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

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Media industries
Media policy
Sports media rights
Business models
Media distribution


Tom Evens is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University, Belgium. He holds Masters Degrees in Communication Sciences (2005) and Business Administration (2006) from Ghent University. Tom teaches in Media Economics (Ba1), Media Structures and Policy (Ba3) and Business Model Innovation in Media and Technology (Ma).

In 2013, Tom finished his PhD on the political economy of the television industry. He specialises in the economics and policies of digital media and technology markets, and has widely published on the media business in international peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes. He is the lead author of The Political Economy of Television Sports Rights (2013) and Platform Power and Policy in Transforming Television Markets (2018).

He is an editorial board member of the International Journal of Digital Television, Internet Policy Review, Communication & Sport and Journal of Media Business Studies. He is the head of the Media Policy and Regulation special interest group of the European Media Management Association (emma) and head of the Media Industries & Policy division of the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA). He has been appointed an independent expert member of the SARC Media (NL).