Students who combine a job and study career and have a working student status can use the following facilities.

§1. Possibility to request a personalised learning path (GIT in Dutch)

As a working student, you can spread your studies over several years. Discuss this combination of work and study with the learning track counsellors in advance. When composing your curriculum, it is best to take the timetable, the sequence of the courses, your work schedule and the feasibility of your learning path into account. Some flexibility is expected from the employer with regard to his student employee.

§2. Possibility of being exempted from certain educational activities in the context of continuous assessment, with a replacement task or individual assignment

It is not always possible for working students to attend lectures. Working students cannot be exempted from the continuous, permanent evaluation associated with some courses. The subjects for which continuous assessment applies can be found in the the study guide. Preferably, the working student initially complies with the hours and assignments imposed in advance.

A working student statute can offer a solution to a certain extent. The statute provides for the possibility of requesting a replacement (individual) task for certain subjects if, due to overlap of working hours, it is not possible to attend lectures, exercises or group assignments at the normally scheduled times (evaluation moments). The replacement assignment always has to be in line with the originally intended objectives and final attainment targets of the course and is explicitly determined by the lecturer in consultation with the student and / or determined as indicated in the course sheet of the course ( 'facilities for working students' section) .

Students can determine which exercises or specific assignments they have to carry out for a specific course via the course sheet or UFORA (students have to subscribe to the relevant course sites).

A replacement task cannot always be organised for all subjects. Lecturers can indicate that such an alternative is not possible, and that working students have to be present. A different time slot (evaluation time) or a more flexible arrangement may possibly be agreed upon, always taking in mind the intended objectives and final competencies of the course unit.

Those who do not attend lectures are nevertheless expected to master all the subject matter during the exam, including what was explicitly and only dealt with in lectures (such as current events). It is, therefore, important that workings students communicate with fellow students. Use Ufora for information about what was discussed in class. Ufora is the electronic learning environment where lecturers can upload the slides that they use during lectures, and it is often a discussion forum where one can get in touch with fellow students.

  • Deadline: this has to be done immediately at the start of the semester of the course unit, when assignments are announced and / or when groups are formed.

§3. Possibility to reschedule exams

Students can request this from the lecturers provided that they can provide a valid and demonstrable work-related reason for not being able to attend the exam on the planned exam date. A conclusive written proof, requested from the employer, has to be submitted to the lecturer of the course.

Exams are only rescheduled within the relevant official exam period (in which the original exam is scheduled).

If workings students and employers provide an explicit and reasoned explanation, it is possible to deviate from this in exceptional circumstances. However, this possibility does not affect the rule that a student is entitled to a maximum of two exam opportunities per academic year and that he or she can only officially receive his/her results after the end of the second session, together with the regular students.

  • Deadline: at the latest on 1 December for the January exam period, at the latest on 1 May for the June exam period and at the latest on the Monday after the Ghent Holiday Festival period for the August-September exam period.

§4. Possibility to get feedback at an alternative time slot

This facility is granted if it is not possible to attend the feedback at the appropriate time. Students have to provide a valid and demonstrable reason and report and request this in advance.