GIES Bachelor Courses in the Spotlight

GIES contributes to the Bachelor in political sciences at Ghent University. We provide general courses, as well as specific courses in the major European and world politics.

Master in Political Sciences-International Politics

The Master in Political Science – specialization International Politics equips you with the knowledge needed to analyse world politics in an insightful manner. Next to that, students are encouraged to specialize in their own area(s) of interest, such as  international economy, international energy politics, the European Union, the Global South, or international law. The program also offers possibilities regarding internships, societal fieldwork or international exchanges.

Master EU-Studies

Information for prospective PhD students

Outstanding students interested in pursuing a PhD at GIES are invited to get in touch. Professors Dries Lesage, Sven Biscop, Thijs Van de Graaf, Mattias Vermeiren, Fabienne Bossuyt, Sarah Delputte, Ferdi De Ville, Jan Orbie and Hendrik Vos are able to serve as PhD supervisors in their respective areas of expertise.


Please provide the following information when applying:

  • A full CV with your education (including grades and the subject of your Master thesis), relevant professional experience, and possible publications.
  • A 2-page research proposal stating your research question and approach, and explaining how it relates to the GIES research areas.
  • A statement on the funding that you have obtained or a strategy on how and where you want to apply for such funding.


Click here for more information on pursuing a PhD at Ghent University.