GIES conducts research into six distinctive research areas:

Climate, Energy and Environment

Our world is transgressing several of the “planetary boundaries” that provide a safe operating space for humanity, threatening the functioning of ecosystems and triggering destructive climate change. [...]

Global Injustices

Global injustices refer to the historical and structural conditions of inequality, oppression, and exploitation by which the world is marked. [...]

Geopolitics and Strategy

After decades of progressing globalization, the world has witnessed a return of ‘geopolitics’, which marks the end of the post-Cold War era. [...]


GIES has a long tradition of studying global and European governance institutions and processes. [...]

The EU and the World

GIES features a strong interest in the European Union (EU) as a political arena and actor. [...]

International Political Economy

GIES has a strong research tradition in international and comparative political economy, examining the interaction between economic and political forces in the global and European order. [...]


An overview of all publications by current and former GIES-members.

GIES Occasional Paper

Inspired by current events, the GIES Occasional paper bundles together a variety of expertise and research areas within international relations in short, accessible papers.

GIES Honours Paper

This GIES initiative offers students who wrote an exceptional master’s dissertation under the supervision of a member of the GIES the opportunity to present their main argument or findings in a concise paper.