Global Injustices

Global injustices refer to the historical and structural conditions of inequality, oppression, and exploitation by which the world is marked. Within this research area, GIES seeks to conduct critical research on ‘development’, driven by a concern about global inequalities, neo-colonialism, and exploitation and aims to go beyond the dominant North-South binaries. The central question herein is: What are the problems with the central tenets of the ‘development’ paradigms, and the effects thereof, and what alternatives are there?  

GIES has developed distinctive expertise in the study of multilateral and European Union (EU) policies and politics towards the so-called ‘Global South’. GIES research covers a wide range of topics including trade policies, financing for sustainable development and climate justice, interactions between international and local actors in aid recipient contexts, as well as local perceptions of international interventions. GIES has a strong tradition of combining field research in and with the ‘Global South’ at the EU institutions and other international organizations (e.g., UN, OECD, WHO, ILO, G20) to offer nuanced multi-actor and multi-level perspectives on international interventions. 

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