Kevin Le Merle

Credits: Eduard DelputteKevin Le Merle is a researcher and policy analyst on questions of climate justice and applied environmental ethics. As a FWO PhD Fellow, Kevin Le Merle will be attached to the Department of Political and Social Sciences of Ghent University and UNU-CRIS, where he will be carrying out his research on global distributive justice principles and apply these to the external impacts of the European Green Deal.

Before joining Ghent University, Kevin worked as policy analyst for the Foundation for European Progressive Studies where he spearheaded research on Climate, Environment, and Energy Policy. His past experiences also include collaborations with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, and United Nations University, where he authored research on the EU’s climate legislation with the aim to bridge the gap between global climate justice and pragmatic policy practice.

His Master’s research focused on normative evaluations of the precautionary principle, the polluter pays principle, and the ability to pay principle from the disciplinary standpoint of moral philosophy. Recently, his research endeavours have focused on the intersection between environmental and social justice.

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