The EU and the World

GIES features a strong interest in the European Union (EU) as a political arena and actor. We aim to shed light on both internal and external policies, processes and politics. In our research we scrutinize EU institutions and the policies that they create, as well as the different strategies and ways of EU engagement. Within this research area, we focus on the EU’s political processes, its internal and external contestations, and on the EU’s relations with other regions and international organisations. In addition, we have a particular interest in the (past and continuous) making of the EU, as well as the EU’s evolving identity and role in the world. At GIES, we approach the EU from a critical perspective, for instance, by using a postcolonial, post development and/or feminist lens.

In scrutinizing the policies of the EU, GIES has developed a strong expertise in the EU’s external relations, including its engagement with other countries and regions. Examples of current research include (contestations of) EU development policy, social policy, trade policy, monetary policy, climate and energy policies, environmental policy, neighbourhood policy, gender policy, cultural policy and human rights policy.

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