Dr. Hielke Van Doorslaer

Credits: Eduard Delputte
Credits: Eduard Delputte

I graduated as a master in International Political Sciences in 2010 and obtained a seconds Master’s degree in Conflict and Development in 2011, both at Ghent University. After graduating, I spent six years working as a policy and research officer for Oxfam-Belgium focusing on diverse political-economic topics such as market power issues, trade rules, labour rights violations and global value chains. In 2018 I started a BOF-funded PhD project centered on post-crisis monetary policy, the effects of ‘unconventional’ policies and the increasingly pivotal role inflation-targeting central banks have occupied in macro-economic stabilization efforts since the 1970’s. My primary fields of interests include critical and heterodox macroeconomics, critical macro-finance and economic sociology. Other research interests include financialisation, labour market politics, growth models and macroeconomic regime theory.

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