Encyclopaedia for Migration Law has a new editor

(19-10-2023) Members of the Migration Law Research Group are excited to take on the editorial management and distribution of the Migration encyclopaedia aiming to be more inclusive towards countries of the global South.

Taking into account the increasing need for more comparative information, the International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) publishes a series of monographs that offer a clear overview of relevant legislation, case law and doctorine in a specific country.  

Kluwer started this initiative in 1977 with the Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations. The scope of this project has gradually increased to 25 areas of law, one of which is migration law. 

Migration Law Monographs

The monographs focus on the administrative procedures to be followed in order to obtain the right to enter and reside in a State:

  • border control
  • procedures to obtain a residence right; 
  • loss of residence rights; 
  • sanctions against irregular entry or assisting irregular entry; 
  • access to the labour market of self-employed activities. 

The monographs are written in English by national experts. They aim to make migration law accessible to all who are involved in the development, practice or study thereof, such as scholars, practitioners, policy makers, government administrations, non-governmental organizations and all other interested parties. 

Editorial Team

Prof. dr. Ellen Desmet

Mr. Shepherd Mutsvara

Mrs. Lore Roels

Mrs. Birte Schorpion

dr. Ruben Wissing

Would you like to contribute to the the Encyclopaedia for Migration Law? 

Contact Professor Ellen Desmet: ellen.desmet@ugent.be

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